Izmir is a beautiful city located in the west of Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea and on the Gulf.

Izmir is a beautiful city located in the west of Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea and on the Gulf. Balıkesir is located to the North, Aydın is located to the south and Manisa is located to the East. As you can appreciate, traveling with children is quite difficult. If you want to travel with peace of mind as a parent, let's see the places that can be visited with children in Izmir.

Izmir Space Camp

Turkey's first and only space camp, the Second Space Camp in the world, is located in Izmir. It has separate programs for children and parents. Apart from daily programs, you can also choose one of the 2, 5, and 6 day programs. You can have a real experience about space with interactive simulators. You can get real experience of life, study, mathematics, science and technology in space.

Where Is Izmir Space Camp?

Address: Esbas Space Camp Turkey 35.410 Gaziemir-Izmir

Nesin Math Village

It is an old Greek village located in şirince. It is also known as Nesin Math village. Children are intertwined with nature in this village and receive scientific education. In addition to mathematics lessons in the village, they can also benefit from virtual, philosophy, cinema and sociology courses. During class breaks, you can participate in different activities and learn daily village work.

Where's The Math Village?

The distance between Izmir and Nesin Math village is 86 kilometers. You can reach Nesin Math village by following Selçuk, Şirince Road via E-87 road.

Selçuk Steam Locomotive Museum

If you have come to Sirince in Izmir, we recommend that you go to Selcuk Steam Locomotive Museum to end your day happily. Located in the village of Çamlık, Selçuk, this museum bears the title of Turkey's only and the largest museum in Europe. In the museum, you can see multiple British, German, French, American, Czechoslovak and Swedish locomotives. The oldest locomotive is from 1887 and the newest locomotive is from 1952. Also belonging to the Hittites you can also see the three-cylinder locomotive made in World War II.

Where Is Selcuk Steam Locomotive Museum?

Address: Izmir Aydın yolu No: 53 35.920 Selçuk-Izmir

Izmir Natural Life Park

Located on 425 acres in Çiğli, it is one of the magnificent places where you can visit with your children. This place has a natural habitat of 138 species, more than 2,600 animals, more than 250 plants. After visiting with your children, there are restaurants and shops to relax and shop.

Where Is Izmir Natural Life Park?

Address: Tuzla, Ahmet Pirishtina Caddesi No: 3, 35.620 Çiğli-Izmir

Key Car Museum

Car museum is located in Torbalı, half an hour away from Izmir city center. It was opened in 2015. It attracts the attention of children and lovers of classic cars. The first car made by Mercedes in 1886, the car in the commercial film starring Rita Hayword in 1954, the motorcycle used by Batman in 1966 can be found in this museum. In the museum you can observe 130 cars, 40 motorcycles, 2,500 Model emblems, 3,000 mock-ups, the gas station used in the 1950s.

Where's The Key Car Museum?

Address: Burr, Özgörkey Caddesi No: 5, 35.860 Torbalı-Izmir

Children's And Toy Museum

Children's and Toy Museum was founded in 2004 by ceramic artist Umran Baradan in Konak. In the museum there are many toys from the 1,800's to the present day. In the museum you can observe the first haired doll, Mickey Mouse, Micky Mouse, wooden toy, doll house, fairy tale heroes, figures. You can also visit Hacivat and Karagöz Workshop, which is indispensable for the old ones.

Where's The Children's And Toy Museum?

Address: Fatih, Halil Rifat Paşa Caddesi No: 29, 35.260 Konak-Izmir

Izmir Ice Rink

For the ice rink, there are private lessons, courses and public sessions. During the day, you can ski on the ice rink, taking advantage of the unity public sessions.

Where Is Izmir Ice Rink?

Address: Kızılay Mahallesi 506 Sokak No: 1 Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, Bornova-Izmir

Mask Museum

Turkey's first mask museum is in Aslancak. More than 300 masks in 5 categories, especially ritual, theater, Anatolia, death, those who leave their mark, are exhibited in the museum.

Where's The Mask Museum?

Address: Aslancak, 1.448 Bay Bay Street No: 22, Konak-Izmir

Izmir Thai Park

It is located inside the social facilities of Karsiyaka Municipality. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 are allowed to ride foals free of charge. Children are intertwined with nature by riding foals, while families can relax by having breakfast and tea in the cafeteria. In addition to foals, you can also visit places where there are different animals such as goats, rabbits, reptiles.

Where Is Izmir Tay Park?

Address: Mavisehir, Aziz Nesin Boulevard Karsiyaka-Izmir